Whenever the bills arrive every month, Floridians often find themselves having to pay high amounts on energy bills alone due to the sweltering heat. For a state that experiences a tropical climate, residents in the sunshine state are accustomed to using the air conditioning at home for long periods of time so they can combat the Florida heat. But what can be done to stay cool and lower the energy bill at the same time? How about adding a couple of window treatments to your space to fight the heat? The simple task of outfitting your windows can be an easy and wonderful way to significantly lower your bill. Let’s go into detail how this change that may seem so small can have a huge impact on your monthly expenses.


Shades that are installed properly can contribute effectively to your energy-saving efforts. If you are interested in insulating during the winter months and keeping out the heat in the summer, shades are an excellent choice. The ideal way of using shades is with two fabric layers of varying color. Lighter colors facing the window will reflect the heat, while darker colors will absorb it during colder temperatures.


Drapes are also a good option. While drapes tend to be heavier than their window treatment counterparts, they are a more affordable option that will help you with your goal to create a more energy-efficient household. The most crucial part when using drapes is choosing the right fabric that is right for you, because lighter fabrics won’t leave that much of an impact on your energy bill.


Many Floridians have the preference to use interior and exterior shutters in their homes. This is because shutters allow you to control the amount of heat entering the window while providing a good level of privacy at the same time. While most shutters are manually opened and closed by hand, there are some shutters that are automated and can be operated using a remote. Also, shutters provide a certain level of protection to your windows since they are not made of fabric.


Blinds are amazing because they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Not only are they designed to reduce the excruciating levels of heat, but they also allow you to control the amount of privacy, ventilation, and light. What’s even impressive is that some blinds are designed to effectively reflect bothersome solar rays.