Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds

Natural-hued wood grains and solid colors give our Faux Wood Blinds the look of genuine wood but with a bundle of benefits. High design on a dime. Get the look of classic hardwood or vintage Venetian without tapping into your inheritance.

Slat Size Options:

2″ Slats
Standard slat size that’s perfect for any size window.

2 1/2″ Slats
A larger scale offers optimal view-through and a more dramatic look. An economical alternative to shutters.

Control Options:

Cord Tilt/Lift
The superior tilting mechanism is designed for smooth, long-lasting operation. Slats tilt open or closed by pulling on the cord tilt. The lift cord features a break-away stop ball.

Wand Tilt
Wand tilts the slat open or closed with a simple twist. Available in both slat sizes. Meets safety certification only when used with Cordless Lift & Lock™.

Cordless Cord & Lift
Certified Best For Kids. Press a button on the aluminum bottom rail to lift and lower the blind; release the button to lock the blind into place. No lift cords enhance child safety.

Battery-powered multi-channel radio frequency(RF) system tilts slats open and closed with the touch of a button. The RF remote control operates the blinds at great distances and the multi-channel version allows for independent blind operation. Combine with wall switches or timers for total convenience. Available with cordless lift and cord lift.

Cordless Lift
Lifts and lowers blinds with a light push or pull on the bottom rail. Eliminates lift cords making them safer in homes with children. Available in both slat sizes.

Keep large windows looking clean and uniform by putting two or three blinds on one continuous headrail. They look like one blind but operate independently.


Design Options:

Standard Decorative Valance
Our decorative valance, standard on all blinds, has a distinctive style that will complement any decor.

Optimal Crescent Valance
Offers a sleek, contemporary look for a more modern room.

Tape Valance
Just like using decorative tape to cover route holes, you can also add tape to the valance at the top of your window and blend it with the rest of your decor.

Solid and Decorative Tapes
Available in a variety of patterns and colors, tapes help you add a personal accent to tie your windows in with the rest of your room. And, because they cover route holes, they block additional incoming light.

Routeless Slats
Dramatically reduce light leaks – routeless slats are specially designed without standard route holes, where rays would normally seep through.

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