Whenever you look for steps or guides in preparing for a hurricane, the same results that are worded and constructed differently usually appear. However, there’s one simple step that might stand out from the rest – that you should close all of your curtains and blinds during a storm. With the frequent occurrence of storms and the recent devastation that Hurricane Irma had brought upon the state, Floridians have become accustomed to following a certain set of procedures that precede a hurricane. That one particular step, though, may get you thinking that something so simple can really have a significant impact to your home.

So why is it important for you to close your curtains and blinds before a hurricane? The answer might surprise you, because it’s short yet sweet – to lessen damages! There’s a worst case scenario, however, where your shutters or window coverings have been breached and a storm starts to ruin everything inside your home. In this type of scenario, it is always ideal to have something else between you and the storm, like curtains and blinds. Why those two? It’s because they help lessen the damages caused to you and your household by blocking pieces of glass or debris that may come flying into your home, and by holding off incoming rainwater. Blinds and curtains are your home’s much-needed extra line of defense against hurricanes, and following that simple step concerning the two can make a huge difference to your household.

Peace of mind is also another reason left to explore that may seem like an unusual benefit at first. During the event of a hurricane, strong winds can come howling and the power can flicker and die down. The simple task of closing your blinds and drawing your curtains can put up a secure mental barrier between you and a furious storm, because it will visually return your house into a place of comfort and familiarity, helping you feel at ease during what’s supposed to be a highly stressful time. No matter what’s going on outside your house, having your blinds and curtains closed can really help in making you feel safe while inside.