The Benefits of Using Blinds in the Summer

The Benefits of Using Blinds in the Summer

Summertime in Florida can be very brutal due to the sweltering heat that goes with the season. Good thing though that many Floridians have access to central air conditioning systems, which they frequently use to help alleviate some of the annoying heat. However, blasting an air conditioner for long periods of time can turn the energy bill into something nightmarish. Luckily for homeowners, they can use blinds and shades to help keep the household cool and the energy bills low. Windows, in reality, are simply just holes in the wall that allow natural light to enter your space, but they also let in powerful and hot UV rays emitted by the mighty sun. In order to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun while in your home, installing shades can definitely make a difference. According to reports from the US Department of Energy, the practice of properly managing window coverings can significantly reduce heat gain in a particular room by 77%. Apart from that, this practice can also be used to sustain heat in the house during colder weather. To the delight of homeowners, the Department of Energy released a number of useful tips on how to correctly use shades and blinds to help battle the heat every summer. Read on to learn more about these tips.


Shades offer homeowners one of the most effective and simplest ways to save energy and money if they are correctly installed. Shades must be closed all day in order for them to have maximum effectiveness. As for their installation, it should be close to the glass within the window frame so that they can create a sealed space which cuts off light and heat. In places that have cold winters, reversible shades are the best option, with one side colored dark to absorb heat in the winter and the other side is colored light to repel the sun during the summer. Currently, the market has a wide variety of shades, with each one having its own specific function. For example, Roman shades are made of multiple layers of fiber batting that can keep cool air in and insulate the room.


According to reports from the US Department of Energy, highly reflective blinds have the ability to reduce heat gain in rooms by around 45 percent, given that they are completely closed. Since the slats of blinds have a horizontal orientation, they don’t have the same level of heat-reducing capability that shades do. But these slats can be adjusted to block and deflect direct sunlight on a lightly colored ceiling, allowing the light to move around the room without causing too much heat or glare. Blinds, however, can be configured to control ventilation and light in a room, a feature which not every type of shade is capable of providing.

Window Films

Are you aware that your home’s windows can be tinted for added benefits and style? Reflective films do wonders for homes due to their ability to bounce heat off of it. But the type of reflective film used matters because black or other dark colored tints can make a room hotter than it should be. Before adding tints to your windows, be sure to keep in mind that reflective films can impair visibility and be tricky to clean.

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