Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an incredible alternative covering for doors and windows because they are low maintenance and classy. Also, they offer more significant benefits over blinds and curtains.

Back then, plantation shutters were only used to improve security, to filter sunlight, or to increase the privacy in a home. But now, these high-quality shutters are highly sought after as a design statement by both regular individuals and interior designers who are looking to add value and style to their home or property.

Plantation shutters from Just Shutters are made of high-quality wood and fitted internally. They come in a variety of designs and colors to fit almost any type of interior color scheme. Aside from that, they add a touch of elegance to old or new properties.

As an additional benefit for properties, shutters can easily be fitted to doors and windows of all shapes, including arched, angled, and round. They can even be modified into fascinating shapes needed for glass roofs and conservatories. Lastly, plantation shutters are not required to entirely cover a full window or door in order to be effective, because they can add style and increase light and privacy even if only used as partial coverings.

What do plantation shutters look like?

Plantation shutters come in two types: slatted or solid.

Since plantation shutters are made of wood, they can be slatted like blinds. In fact, the reason why people refer to them as shutter blinds or plantation blinds is because of the way the slats, also known as louvers, can be closed and opened in a way very similar to how traditional blinds can. However, the similarity between the two ends with that alone, because blinds are typically made of lower quality materials that don’t offer the same great features that shutters have.

Shutters block out more light since they are fitted as a part of the window. Solid wooden shutters offer more significant benefits compared to other door or window coverings, such as lesser need for maintenance, increased security and privacy, added value to the home, and sleep-improving capabilities.

Some plantation shutters are made of solid wood in at least two or three panels. These panels can either open out to cover the entire window completely or fold back into the window recess, both of which are great for blocking out more light and improving security in the home. Older versions of this type of plantation shutters can be found on country homes and period houses.

Enhancing your home

When plantation shutters are opened, they generate a sense of spaciousness while providing views of breathtaking sceneries at the same time, plus they have the incredible ability to direct ambient light. When closed, they offer protection, warmth and privacy to the home.

Plantation shutters give property owners the elegant option to add style, warmth, and security to any space.