Balloon Shades

Balloon Shades get their name from the decorative puffy features of its lower portion. Its upper part may have similarities to that of a Roman shade, but the balloon shade is much softer and has billows of fabric located at the bottom. A balloon shade is installed on a mounting board, just like the Roman shade. It even has a vertical row of rings that you can use to adjust the shade’s length according to your liking. If you want to give your space an elegant look while not covering the windows that much, this window treatment is exactly for you. Last and most important of all, the balloon shade’s soft, full construction doesn’t require you to make highly accurate measurements before getting one for your space.

Vertical blinds are available in many different materials, such as embossed PVC, flat plastic, faux wood materials, S-curved slats, wood, and metal.

Stationary blinds are typically hung in the doorways of businesses and homes, leaving the door open on most cases. Movement of the blades may indicate that someone is entering the doorway or that there’s a change in airflow. The type of vertical blind commonly used by people is the one made of thick plastic material. This particular type of blind prevents flies and other insects from entering the room in warmer climates, while it slows heat leakage in the cold rooms of food businesses.